NEEDS (New Energy Externalities Developments for Sustainability)

Within the 6th EU-Framework Programme, econcept developed for the integrated project NEEDS (New Energy Externalities Developments for Sustainability) a methodology to assess biodiversity losses due to land use changes and airborne emissions of energy production and consumption.

The methodology builds on the work of Eco-indicator and Koellner («Land Use in Product Life Cycles and its Consequences for Ecosystem Quality», 2001) to derive potentially disappeared frac-tions (PDF) due to certain land use changes as well as depositions of SOx, NOx and NH3. The resulting PDF-changes are then valued by using a restoration cost approach. The resulting external costs per unit of PDF-change as well as per kg deposition of SOx, NOx and NH3 are presented for 32 different European countries and validated with results from different willingness to pay studies.

final report