Final Report Preliminary Examination of the Practice-integrated Bachelor programme (PiBS)

In January 2018, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI published the final report on the preliminary examination of the practice-integrated Bachelor programme PiBS at universities of applied sciences.

The main findings of the report are as follows:

  • The PiBS study programmes at the various universities of applied sciences are in compliance with Article 5a of the EAER Admission Ordinance. However, there is a need for clarification regarding the calculation and validation of the 40% share of practice, the interlocking of theory and practice, and the need for communication on the scope for PiBS models.
  • According to the survey of PiBS-students and the companies interviewed, students and companies are generally satisfied with the PiBS programme. The satisfaction of the universities of applied sciences varies.
  • The effects of PiBS on universities of applied sciences and companies as well as on future graduates cannot be reliably assessed yet.
  • Up to now, no displacement effects can be observed in the number of apprenticeships in the companies.

Based on the results of the preliminary examination and since an interruption of the PiBS study programmes would probably mean an early and definitive termination of the model, an extension of the PiBS pilot phase until the evaluation in 2019 is recommended.

Download: Final Report Preliminary Examination of the practice-integrated BA programme (PiBS)

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