Concept for national poverty monitoring

Within the framework of the National Programme against Poverty, possibilities for a nationwide monitoring of poverty were examined in depth. econcept drew up an inventory of existing domestic and foreign poverty reports and worked with the relevant actors to develop proposals for a possible form of national poverty monitoring.

In the concept study, econcept shows various options for a nationwide monitoring in the area of poverty as well as its prevention and reduction. In view of the difficult framework conditions, one alternative way of poverty monitoring, which showed the potential for implementation (resource expenditure, political acceptance, methodological feasibility), was specified in an implementation proposal together with the relevant actors from administration, academia and practice.

This prioritised alternative primarily aims to generate contributions to the poverty situation and knowledge relevant to management at federal and cantonal level. In view of the strained resource situation of public budgets, existing foundations should be used as far as possible.

At the heart of the prioritised alternative are three modules, all of which are intended to serve the objective of monitoring poverty development in Switzerland and, at the same time, to create learning opportunities:

Module 1: Set of key indicators for monitoring the poverty situation/development, which is regularly collected and interpreted using Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (SILC)
Module 2: Thematic priorities with in-depth analyses and inclusion of cantonal measures
Module 3: Comparative analysis of cantonal and municipal poverty and social reports

The monitoring products are a written report covering all modules, a national poverty conference and vessels for technical and methodological exchange on poverty reporting. Poverty monitoring is based on a four-year cycle.

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