Meta Lehmann

MA in German Studies and Economics/ CAS Energy in Building

Senior Project Manager

Sustainable building, energy efficiency, environmental and real estate economics, energy cities

Meta Lehmann has been working at econcept AG since 2013. In her project work, she focuses primarily on issues relating to sustainable building, energy efficiency and renewable energies, and on sustainable strategies for buildings and districts, along with the necessary conditions for such strategies. She advises cities, towns and municipalities on their energy-policy-related activities and the optimisation of their internal processes. Her research project work involves laying the scientific groundwork as well as developing specific action plans. Thanks to her knowledge in the field of property development, she has an in-depth understanding of the various stakeholders in the real estate sector. Sometimes, unconventional approaches and creative methods are required in order to achieve a goal. She also likes to put this philosophy into practice when she is working on something together with her two children.