Carole Probst, Communication studies

Senior Project Manager

education, research, science, higher education institutions, quality, evaluations

Carole Probst has been as senior project manager at econcept since 2024. The social scientist has a wide range of experience from various roles in universities and public authorities and as a researcher in the field of higher education systems, higher education institutions and their members. Her main focus is on studies and process support in the areas of education, research and innovation, as well as evaluations. As a passionate thinker, she bases her analytical perspective on empirical social research methods. In addition to her work at econcept, Carole Probst lectures in continuing education programmes at universities and acts as expert in accreditation and quality procedures. Her thirst for knowledge and her curiosity quickly set her on fire for new ideas and projects, such as the maintenance of a vineyard in southern Ticino - with pleasurable results.