Beat Meier

Dr. sc. ETH / Dipl. Ing.-Agr. ETH

Senior Project Manager

Energy and agrarian economics, energy efficiency, renewable energies, climate protection

Beat Meier has been working at econcept AG since 2014. As a Senior Project Manager with many years of experience, his primary focus is in the areas of energy and climate, as well as agriculture. He undertakes consultancy work in these fields in relation to implementation, organisation, risk assessment and governance for public activities. He has worked intensively on technical and economic aspects of the Swiss government’s Energy Strategy 2050 and has also had significant involvement with energy supply companies, providing support in analysing strategic projects such as the development of district heating networks. In his research into long-term trends, he frequently makes use of quantitative models. His passion for creating transformational processes comes to the fore not only in his consultancy work, but also in his hobby of beer-brewing.