Ivo Baur

Dr. sc. LMU, lic. phil I UZH

Project Manager

Agricultural economics, agricultural law, nutrition and environmental effects

Ivo Baur is a project manager and holds a PhD in geography with a focus on agricultural economics. He has been working at econcept since April 2023 on the main topics of agriculture and nutrition. Previously, he worked as deputy head of department at the Office of Agriculture of the Canton of Glarus, managing the divisions of direct payments and land and lease law. In addition, he completed a CAS in agricultural law at the University of Lucerne. He also has several years of research experience from positions at EPFL Lausanne, the University of Zurich and Agroscope, where he worked on various agricultural policy and agricultural economics topics as well as on nutrition-related environmental effects. In his projects, he follows the same motto as in skiing: "Never go out without a final polish!"