What is econcept?

econcept is an innovative enterprise with specialists from a broad range of social and scientific disciplines. Outstanding consultants and dynamic young project managers work together on a daily basis to achieve the best possible results. Our drive and energy stems from our vision of a sustainable, viable society, as well as from our love of working with our clients and colleagues.

our vision – the path to a future-proof society

sustainability / transition / welfare

A society that is well prepared for the future will be able to use the world’s limited resources in a sustainable manner, changing and shaping itself in ways that will benefit current and future generations. Fundamental to such a society are public and private institutions which balance the principles of openness and freedom, fairness, participation and solidarity and put them into practice effectively. This vision is the basis and guiding principle of our work.


Open Position

We offer attractive development opportunities as

Project leader in Environment (80-100%)

An innovative company with a committed team awaits you. Find out more in our job advertisement.


econcept is part of a network of outstanding national and international institutions, agencies and specialists. We form changing teams to concentrate our knowledge and expertise on the questions our clients have asked, and we do so in a timely, efficient manner and in close consultation with all relevant partners. Scientific discourse is an integral part of our work within the company as well. This enables us to develop innovative approaches and ingenious ideas.