Energy Saving Consultants for Zurich

The Electricity Works of the City of Zurich (ewz) is broadly implementing the findings of the pilot project "Energiesparlotsen/innen in Zürcher Wohnsiedlungen" (Energy Saving Consultants in Zurich Residential Communities). The pilot project with non-professional energy consultants was carried out by econcept on behalf of the Foundation "Wohnungen für kinderreiche Familien" (apartments for large families) and in close cooperation with ewz. The project has now been transferred to the ewz product range.

The aim of the project was to achieve a sustainable reduction in energy consumption in the apartments of the Foundation "Wohnungen für kinderreiche Familien". Ten residents of the Friesenberg neighbourhood were trained by ewz so that they could carry out energy consulting and consumption measurements in the neighbourhood. In addition to energy-saving tips, they also handed out energy-saving tools such as LED lamps, switchable socket strips or electric kettles or installed them directly on site. The consultations led to learning effects and behavioural changes among the residents of the neighbourhood and resulted in a 4.3 percent reduction in energy consumption at the end of the project. Additional savings in heating can be expected but not determined for metrological reasons. The pilot project was financially supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the Swiss Federal Office of Housing, the Electricity Saving Fund of the City of Zurich, Bank Raiffeisen and the Office for Public Works of the City of Zurich.


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