Sarah Neukomm

lic. phil. I

Senior Consultant

Social policy, social security, social reporting

Sarah Neukomm has been working at econcept AG since 2010. She is an expert in social policy and social means-tested benefits systems and has been managing research and consultancy projects for many years in connection with social, integration, equality and education policy-making. Within her core fields of expertise, she develops strategies, concepts and instruments for the national, cantonal and municipal governments, acts as an advisor in the political process in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, and conducts evaluations and research assignments. She specialises in social-data-based analysis and modelling and has substantial experience in the development of indicator systems and other policy management tools. Sarah Neukomm knows that feasible solutions also need to be lasting, and that patience is a valuable asset in that respect. For her part, she goes to the mountains to find breathing space.