econcept is a national and international research and consultancy firm. We have been offering joined-up, practicable solutions in politics, economy and society for 25 years. At the intersection between research and practice, we provide our clients with support when it comes to formulating strategic processes and projects and lay the groundwork for them to make sound decisions. Sustainability, change and welfare are recurrent themes in our work, and are at the heart of what we stand for.

More about us


econcept unites a varied palette of competencies and methods in selected topic areas under one roof. In our core specialisms, we have comprehensive system knowledge, continuously updated expertise and a passion for new challenges. Our key strength lies in the development of inter-disciplinary solutions, which we achieve through active exchange of knowledge and ideas between our internal teams of subject and methodology experts.


Complex issues are dealt with in a pragmatic, focussed and effective way in all of our project work, and we approach the needs of each of our clients in government, industry and academia with flexibility and individual attention, offering tailor-made, future-proof solutions in every case. Our clients thus benefit from our many years of experience and sound methodologies, as well as from the care we take in ensuring that stakeholders are involved at an early stage.

Our projects

  • Energy

    Organisation der Energieversorgung Stadt Zürich

    Das Projekt liefert Entscheidungsgrundlagen zur Beantwortung eines gemeinderätlichen Postulats zur Neuorganisation der städtischen Energieversorgung in den Bereichen Wärme, Erdgas und Elektrizität.

  • Education / research / innovation

    Gutachten zur Governance der Fachhochschule Ostschweiz

    Das Gutachten zur Governance der Fachhochschulen auf dem Kantonsgebiet St.Gallen bietet allen Trägern Entscheidungsgrundlagen hinsichtlich einer akkreditierungsfähigen Fachhochschule.

  • Evaluation, Strategy / process / dialogue

    Wirkungen planen, analysieren und stärken

    Wirkungsorientierung in der Projektgestaltung und Projektumsetzung ist die Voraussetzung für spätere Wirkungsanalysen – dies ist der Kern des Projekts in Auftrag der Robert Bosch Stiftung in Stuttgart.

In Focus


econcept is part of a network of outstanding national and international institutions, agencies and specialists. We form changing teams to concentrate our knowledge and expertise on the questions our clients have asked, and we do so in a timely, efficient manner and in close consultation with all relevant partners. Scientific discourse is an integral part of our work within the company as well. This enables us to develop innovative approaches and ingenious ideas.

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