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  • September 2017: President of the Swiss Confederation Doris Leuthard on a state visit to India

    Doris Leuthard, President of the Swiss Confederation, visited India at the end of August / beginning of September. The agenda included partnerships and cooperations in the fields of transport, energy and vocational training as well as digitalisation and climate change. On this occasion, she mentioned CapaCITIES as an example of good cooperation between Switzerland and India. econcept is implementing the CapaCITIES project together with ICLEI South Asia and South Pole Group. It provides support to four Indian cities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in adapting to climate change.

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    Flyer CapaCITIES project

  • September 2017: Replacing the heating system: from fossil to renewable?

    The survey results of the research project «Switch from fossil to renewable energy sources when replacing the heating system» are now available. Meta Lehmann presented them at the novatlantis Construction Forum on August 24, in Zurich.


    Information on the construction forum and the talks

  • September 2017: Evaluation of the implementation of Horizon 2020, COSME, EEN and ERA in Austria

    Barbara Haering has been appointed as member of the advisory board for the evaluation of the implementation of Horizon 2020, COSME, EEN and ERA in Austria.

  • September 2017: Concept whitelist for compensation projects

    On behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and in cooperation with Durena AG, econcept has elaborated the concept «whitelist for compensation projects in the field of district heating». With this concept, the effort for project development, validation and verification by the FOEN will be reduced. Moreover, the requirements for projects will be standardized and the additionality of the projects ensured. Additionality can be assessed by comparing the average retail tariff of the district heating project with the standardized production costs of a decentralised reference scenario.