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Validation and verification of climate protection projects

Swiss climate protection projects must be reviewed by an independent body before they are registered with the Swiss government. econcept is accredited by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) as an institution for the validation and verification of climate protection projects in Switzerland.

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  • Concept for national poverty monitoring

    Within the framework of the National Programme against Poverty, possibilities for a nationwide monitoring of poverty were examined in depth. econcept drew up an inventory of existing domestic and foreign poverty reports and worked with the relevant actors to develop proposals for a possible form of national poverty monitoring.

  • Energy Saving Consultants for Zurich

    The Electricity Works of the City of Zurich (ewz) is broadly implementing the findings of the pilot project "Energiesparlotsen/innen in Zürcher Wohnsiedlungen" (Energy Saving Consultants in Zurich Residential Communities). The pilot project with non-professional energy consultants was carried out by econcept on behalf of the Foundation "Wohnungen für kinderreiche Familien" (apartments for large families) and in close cooperation with ewz. The project has now been transferred to the ewz product range.

  • Positive list for CO2 offset projects in the district heating sector

    On 4 December 2017, the FOEN and SFOE's Compensation Office held an information event in Berne on CO2 offset projects in Switzerland. Christian Vogler presented the study on the simplified proof of additionality («positive list») of compensation projects in the district heating sector. The study and the associated Excel tool were published in October.