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  • August 2017: Study on differentiated regulation and opting-out

    On the basis of its administrative discharge report (2015), the Federal Council has commissioned the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to examine the impact of differentiated regulation and opting-out clauses on companies. The SECO specified this mandate and has commissioned econcept to carry out an appropriate study.

  • June 2017: Good governance in privately (co-)funded science

    Barbara Haering was asked by the rectorate of the University of Lausanne to take a seat in the commission which advises the rectorate on issues of good governance regarding privately (co-)funded science.

  • June 2017: Presentation of the report on structural models FHO

    Barbara Haering presented the report on structural models for the Universities of Applied Sciences in the canton of St.Gallen to the CVP / GLP parliamentary group.

    Presentation (German)