EU FP6 Coordination Action 2008

Building and Improving Support for RTD Policy and Public Spending (BIS-RTD)

econcept supported the BIS-RTD of the European Council with an audit for four EU countries in the east and southwest of Europe.

Innovation is a cornerstone of the "Lisbon strategy" launched by the European Council in March 2000, and emphasized by subsequent European Councils, in particular at Barcelona in 2002. While innovation policies take place mostly at the national and regional levels, the Member States and the Commission shall intensify their co-operation for the strengthening of innovation in the EU, including co-ordination and assessment mechanisms for mutual learning, as well as for taking stock of progress achieved. BIS-RTD aims at building a methodological framework and a learning platform for regional and national RTD policy makers and stakeholders interested in obtaining support arguments for their requests to bring public research funding to the Barcelona target level. Dr. Barbara Haering (econcept) was asked to do the external audit for the regions of Valencia (Spain), for the Czech Republic, West Pannon (Hungary) and Serbia. The site visits took place in January and February 2008.


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